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Roof Restoration

Is your roof worn-out? Or has it been leaking? Tight budget and don't have any idea on what kind of repair needs to be done on your roof?

Talk to us today! And find out what alternative way you can do to fix and repair the damage of your roof.

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    Roof Restoration VS. Roof Replacement

    Roof restoration is the process of renewing and recoating your roof to extend the life of your house. Simply says a process of giving your roof a facelift. Why consider roof restoration than roof replacement? If you have the budget for roof replacement go for it, since replacing your entire roof can cost a huge amount of dollars. While roof restoration can help you save tons of dollars.

    Roof restoration requires cleaning your roof and gutter. Rebuild or replacing damaged shingles or tiles of your roof. And the final process is chemical treatment, applying a new layer of protective roof coating. This will ensure that your roof will return to its original look and will serve its purpose without replacing the entire roof and without spending a lot of money.

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    As you hired us to be your contractors, there's a lot of services we can offer to your roofs. We are dedicated to serving our customers the best and quality services. But of course, with a reasonable price. Name it and we mend it.


    We provide services for both residential and commercial projects.


    Full body installations, minor leaks, and repair of broken shingles or tiles.


    Routine check-ups for your gutters to make sure it's not clogged.

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    When To Do A Roof Restoration

    Why You Should Consider Roof Restoration

    There's a lot of reason why you should consider roof restoration. Why settle for roof replacing while you can restore and mend it. Here is the reason why you should consider roof restoration:

    • Improve safety and roof life. Damaged roof cannot protect you and your family from the risk of the outside world. With roof restoration, it will ensure that your home is in a good condition over the years to come.

    It can withstand harsh elements such as snow and heavy rain just. The function it gives is like the function of replacing the entire roof body.

    One alternative way to improve the durability of your roof is to undergo roof restoration. Once roof restoration is done, it will extend the lifespan of your house and will give better protection for your building.

    • Much Cheaper: Roof restoration doesn’t require many materials since you do not have to completely overhaul the roof. You will save a lot of money if you’re looking for a repair at a reasonable price but with the same result as a new one.

    These are the common reason why some homeowners consider roof restoration than roof replacement. They help save a lot of money. Restoring your roof will give you the same protection as replacing it. 

    Professional Help For Your Roof Restoration

    Roof restoration is not suitable for every home. That is why call us to get your free consultation about your roof. So we can address what is the problem with your roof and what will be the best solution for it.

    If any of these problems are present on your roof such as leaks, damaged or broken shingles, clogged gutter. It is the best time to call us to conduct thorough inspections on your roof. We offer our clients and customers initial consultation and this process includes doing an assessment of your roof and identifying early signs of damage.

    Request for your initial inspection. It is best to ask for a professional’s opinion to assess your roof condition. As they know what to do and they have the equipment for inspection.

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    What Our Clients Talks About Us

    "I was expecting for them no not answer my queries, since I have so many question about my house roof. But they really professional and approachable."

    "My parent's house are damage because of winter and I'm glad the Idaho Falls Roofers is one call away, couple of hours for inspections and discuss what they're going to do. And boom they worked like magic."

    "I loved how open they're in suggesting about what is right and what should be done on my commercial space. They really have the knowledge and skills when it comes to their job!"

    FAQs About Roofing Contractor

    Here are the answers to most question we always heard to our valued customers

  • How Do I Know If I Need New Roof?

  • The most basic answer to this question is when you notice the leaks on your ceiling. Aside from that you should also consider the age of the roof, and a crack or missing shingles on the roof.

  • How Long Does It Takes To Replace A Roof?

  • Identifying the source of the problem by inspecting will take a couple of hours as it part of the process. An average sized house will take 1 to 2 days to get fully replaced. 

  • Is Replacing A Roof Expensive?

  • Replacing the entire roof will costs you huge. But they are many factors that can add to your up such as the size of the roof, types of roofing materials, and warranties.

  • How Long Does My Roofs Expected To Last?

  • Generally, there are few factors can affects the lifespan of your roofs. But as for a roof that built using asphalt shingles it can last up to 20 years. While metal, slate, and copper roofs can last at least 50 years.

  • Do I have To Replace My Gutter At The Same Time?

  • Replacing of gutter will vary to the conditions of the gutter and downspout. If both of them working properly and in good shape then you're roofing contractor might remove it carefully and reinstall them complete.

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